10 Days of 10Ks

Every Step Makes a Difference!

The third annual (and first virtual!) 10 Days of 10Ks will be held from July 9 – 18, 2020!

  • Choose your activity (run, ride, walk, skip, dance…),
  • Choose your number of days (up to 10),
  • Choose your distance (up to a 10K), and
  • Choose your donation ($10 gets you in; $30 gets you a shirt; even more does even more good)!

2020 Schedule

Social-distancing-compliant runs will be hosted by the local businesses and organizations identified below. We will post routes and other details here and on the 10 Days of 10Ks event Facebook page in early July.

Day 1Thursday 7/9 

Hosted by Feed SOMany


Day 2Friday 7/10

Laura Peifer, Integrative Nutritionist and Run Coach


Day 3Saturday 7/11

Sneaker Factory


Day 4Sunday 7/12 

D&I Fitness


Day 5Monday 7/13

Fleet Feet Montclair

Day 6Tuesday 7/14

Sassquad Trail Runners


Day 7 – Wednesday 7/15

Allison Kalsched Personal Trainer


Day 8 – Thursday 7/16

Ali Headley TRIumph Coaching


Day 9 – Friday 7/17



Day 10 – Saturday 7/18

Will Run For Coffee

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