10 Days of 10Ks

Every Step Makes a Difference!

The fourth annual 10 Days of 10Ks will be held from July 9 – 18, 2021!
  • Choose your activity (run, ride, walk, skip, dance…),
  • Choose your number of days (up to 10),
  • Choose your distance (up to a 10K), and
  • Choose your donation ($10 gets you in (for all 10 Days!); $30 gets you a shirt; even more does even more good)!

2021 Schedule

Suggested routes, photos, and other event information can be found on the 10 Days of 10Ks event Facebook page.

Day 1Friday 7/9/21

Hosted by MapSo Tri (@ Millburn Library, Millburn)


Day 2Saturday 7/10/21

Hosted by Black Men Run (@ Floods Hill, South Orange)


Day 3Sunday 7/11/21

Hosted by Sole Runners (@ South Orange Middle School, South Orange)


Day 4Monday 7/12 /21

Hosted by Sneaker Factory (@ Sneaker Factory, Millburn)


Day 5Tuesday 7/13/21

Hosted by Sassquad Train Running (@ Turtle Back Rock Picnic Area, West Orange)

Day 6Wednesday 7/14/21

Hosted by Allison Kalsched (@ South Mountain Reservation Dog Park, South Orange)


Day 7Thursday 7/15/21

Hosted by TRIumph Coaching (@ The Baird, South Orange)


Day 8Friday 7/16/21

Hosted by D&I Fitness (@ D&I Fitness, South Orange)


Day 9Saturday 7/17/21

Hosted by Will Run for Coffee (@ The Able Baker, Maplewood)


Day 10Sunday 7/18/21

Hosted by SOMA Fox Running Club (@ Millburn Library, Millburn)